I’ve struggled throughout my teen years and 20’s with sensitive skin and breakouts. I tried numerous products, homemade concoctions, advanced esthetic procedures, diet changes, medications, etc. My self-confidence and available funds shriveled. As it turns out, I was trying so many different things that I was stressing my skin and making matters worse. If only I had a place to get quality guidance that I could rely on! I felt lost and uncertain, doomed to look like a pimply 15-year-old forever.

While working as a Registered Nurse, I realized that my passions were leading me to get involved more with skincare and skin health. I attended Metro Beauty Academy in Allentown, PA, where I honed my Esthetician skills and focused on advanced medical training. As a licensed Esthetician in Pennsylvania, I bring my medical background and healing nature to my clients. I am also a Reiki Practitioner, and feel it’s vital to incorporate cleansing, healing energy in my treatments.

It’s difficult to find quality skincare advice online, where professional tips get lost amidst personal testimonials. I have created this blog to give people a place to come with their questions regarding skincare. A lot of online info is not to be trusted, and it’s tricky to sort through it all! I look forward to your comments and/or ideas about topics that you’d like professional, educated advice on.

Thank you, Danielle


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